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To contact the NW Roybal Center, please email us at:

About the Center

Funding for the Northwest Roybal Center is provided by the National Institutes of Health Grant #1P30AG034592-01 ( NRC: Improvng Healthcare for Cognitively Impaired Elders and Their Caregivers), Linda Teri, Principal Investigator.

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The mission of the Northwest Roybal Center (NRC) is to promote the translation of basic behavioral and social sciences research to improving health, well being, quality of life and productivity of older adults with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. The NRC focuses on the systematic and strategic translation of well-researched methods of assessment and evidence-based interventions along the full continuum of environments in which older adults reside and receive care (including private homes, retirement communities, assisted living residences, adult family homes and skilled nursing facilities).

Research Opportunities

We invite individuals and their caregivers to participate in one of our research studies.

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The NRC is a collaboration between:

Northwest Research Group on Aging, a consortium of clinicians and researchers with a strong foundation of evidence-based research conducted via 20-plus years funding by the National Institutes on Health (NIH).

University of Washington School of Nursing, the #1 School of Nursing for research in the United States

Group Health Cooperative Center for Health Studies, part of the largest health maintenance organization in the United States and a member of the HMO Research Network (HMORN). These multidisciplinary collaborators share a commitment to improving care through the direct translation of research into practice.